Convincing Presentations

The ability to effectively present products, proposals or your work is an increasingly important factor in today’s business world. To do this in a confident, engaging and enthusiastic manner is as important as the relevance of the information that you are presenting. In this workshop the participants learn how to create effective presentations and practice how to deliver them in a convincing way. The participants will learn the importance of language, body language and key messages in giving convincing and memorable presentations.


Leading your Team to Success

Leading a team of people, be it as a project manager or a group leader, requires a wide variety of skills. In this workshop the content and the activities are adjusted to the specific needs and requirements of the participants. Topics can vary from project management related subjects such as prioritization, risk and time management, to subjects on team dynamics and performance management. This experiential workshop helps leaders understand themselves and build the critical skills they need to lead successfully.

Expert Training Skills

This workshop provides new trainers with the skills and tools they need to run interesting and successful trainings. Participants can work on their own training programs and practice how to combine theory, visuals, and activities to create engaging and effective programs. They also practice how to manage difficult situations in the classroom and how to keep energy up.

Working with customers

For many engineers, researchers and other highly qualified employees working with customers in a commercial set-up is new. In this workshop participants learn how to effectively work with customers, position products and services, understand financial and commercial principles and build lasting and productive customer relationships. For more experienced employees, the focus of the workshop can be moved to understanding the value of products and services and how to successfully work in partnership with sales, marketing and R&D to improve customer loyalty and profitability.

Communicating for results

The purpose of communication is to get your message across clearly and unambiguously. This might sound easy but it requires efforts from both the sender and the receiver. In this workshop participants will learn the various steps in the communication process and practice active listening and questioning techniques. Building on this, they will learn how to use their communication skills to handle difficult situations and influence others. Being able to effectively communicate provides the basis for building lasting and productive relationships with customers as well as colleagues.

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